Awesome Earthbound Theme Pack for VSCode

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My Earthbound Memories

It was 1995. Sometime in the summer that year, I saw Earthbound for the first time. I was in the 8th grade, and the enormous box intrigued me. It must have been $70, but I can’t recall exactly. I begged my Grandma for a copy and when Christmas came around it was finally mine!

Inside the giant box was a player’s guide that contained, oddly, scratch ‘n sniff stickers! I can still smell them as I look back.

As the years went on, I replayed this a number of times and contest that it may be my favorite of all time. Honestly, I think I love it for the same reasons I love Steven Universe. It’s just so pure and true. It never tries to shock you, and it balances it oddness perfectly with its heart.

What a Good Looking Pack!

If you’re even the least bit nostalgic for Earthbound, the color schemes will all mean something to you. If you’re not, it’s still a great collection of color schemes. Most of these themes are dark themes, and most of those have a darker variant (see gallery).

If light themes are your thing, there are two on offer. Magicant is a bit blinding for my tastes, but Cave of the Past has muted green tones that are easy on the eyes.

The gallery below shows all the color schemes. Great for reading 6502 ASM! Pictured is the code for the 2600 port of 2048 by Carlos Duarte do Nascimento.

How To Get It

Just click Extensions icon on the left and search for Earthbound. Then, File –> Preferences –> Color Theme. If you’re a fan, you won’t be disappointed.

2048 for 2600 Source Code:

Github Repo for Earthbound Theme:

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